Chiropractic Care

- The design of chiropractic care is to restore the energy systems of the body beginning with the nerve system and the spinal column.

- Nerve system problems are precipitated by injury, poor posture, stress, the birth process, and lack of activity.

- Chiropractic care re-energizes the nerve system and promotes a healing response. The follow up key is to maintain a high level of wellness with periodic care in addition to regular exercise and good diet.

Chiropractic Treatments

- The type of spinal adjustments are dependant on the problem, the person and the body type. 

- The goal of care is to remove the pain, stabilize the spine and nerve system and to work with the body in a wellness program.

- Spinal and joint X-rays are taken when indicated. Radiology labs are the supplier of this service. You see your pictures and receive a medical report.

Program of Care:

What to expect on a first visit to our office:

- Intake forms are completed

- Case history taken

- Office tour of what we do

- Examination procedure

- X-ray recommendation as necessary

- Report of findings and the type of care recommended

What to expect on follow-up exams:

- Comparative exams to monitor improvement


- Questions addressed at any time


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